Red Sox Academy: David Ortiz Teaches You How To Hit To The Opposite Field

David Ortiz is one of the greatest hitters of his generation, and he’s known for blasting home runs deep into the right field stands. But Big Papi, the Boston Red Sox’s designated hitter, has another big strength, too: Hitting balls to the opposite field.

Nothing is easy in the major leagues, but “pulling” a ball — hitting the ball to the side of the field from which you bat — is easiest for batters. One strategy for pitchers to stop batters from pulling the ball is to throw pitches slower and on the outside part of the plate. But the best hitters, like Ortiz, can wait for those pitches, adjust their swings and hit the ball in the opposite direction.

Big Papi has done just that throughout his career, repeatedly hitting baseballs off Fenway Park’s left field wall. Fortunately for you, Ortiz and his son, D’Angelo, took some time to teach you how to hit to the opposite field.

Check out the lesson in the video above from this week’s episode of “NESN Clubhouse.”

Thumbnail photo via Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports Images