Red Sox Small Talk: Daniel Nava Talks Video Games, ‘Star Wars’

Daniel Nava is on the hot seat this week as kids ask him questions about anything and everything.

1. Have you ever been bitten by a snake?

You know, I’ve never been bitten by a snake. Nor do I ever want to be bitten by a snake. Based off your explanation, I think that’s pretty adequate why I would never want to be bitten by a snake. It sounds terrible. I mean I’ve heard of people (it’s happened to) but, no, not me.

2. Have you heard that song before?

Have I heard that song? Did you make that song up because I’ve never heard that song before? What song is that? It was awesome.

3. Have you ever hurt yourself doing any dance moves?

Caroline, I have never hurt myself doing a dance move because first off, I can’t dance and second off, I can’t do anything that skilled. That was pretty intense. That move right there is obviously your go-to.

4. I think John Cena could beat David Ortiz. Who do you think would win in a wrestling match?

Oh my gosh, Cooperstown would. David Ortiz. John Cena is not Cooperstown, Cooperstown beats John Cena all day long. All he’s gotta do is just walk out and say “Cooperstown,” Cena goes down, game over. Next question.

5. Do you like the new “Star Wars” or the old “Star Wars?”

Adam, I’m afraid to say the new “Star Wars” because you might lightsaber me or something like that. I actually do like the old one — it’s a classic.

6. Did you ever play Mario?

Yeah, I did back in the day, well for me back in the day, when Mario first came out on Nintendo, which was way before your time. And Mario was Mario Brothers, it was the only thing I ever played but I was pretty good back in the day because there were two buttons and you pushed ether A or B and you went up or down, left or right and that was all there was to it. Now there’s a lot more that goes into video games so, yeah, I did play it though.