Red Sox Small Talk: Mother’s Day Edition

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate moms everywhere, and even though they are professional athletes, Red Sox players still love talking about their moms. On this week’s Small Talk, a few Red Sox players talked about their relationships with their mothers. Check it out in the video above.

1. Do you buy a card or make a card on Mother’s Day?

Will Middlebrooks: Mother’s Day, that’s a holiday you want to tip-toe around. You don’t want to do things the wrong way because moms are really special. I’ve made a few cards in my day, that’s for sure. My drawing ability, although my mom is an art teacher, is not very good, so I’ll go out and buy one because I don’t want to ruin it for her.

2. Do you have any sweaters from your mom and dad?

Dustin Pedroia: My mom and dad, I’m sure they’ve gotten me a lot of sweaters. I probably still have them. I don’t change sizes that much, so I probably still have them in my closet.

3. Do you like to get presents or give presents more?

Grady Sizemore: I like to give presents. I like to receive them, too, but I also like giving them.

4. Do you ever clean your house on Mother’s Day?

Jackie Bradley Jr.: I haven’t cleaned my house on Mother’s Day since I was probably 18; I’ve been out of my mom’s house for a while. But I love to go back and visit her, and I normally surprise her by cleaning the house so she doesn’t have to do it.

5. Do you cook ham?

Jake Peavy: I do cook ham. I don’t personally cook it, my mother and some other women in my life cook it for me often. I’m a big ham-eater. I live in the south and we like ham.