Red Sox Small Talk: Special Father’s Day Edition

The Boston Red Sox spent Father’s Day taking on the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park, but the players were certainly thinking about their dads as they took the field. The players recently answered some questions about what their fathers mean to them and some special memories they have.

Check it out in the video above.

1. My dad is a barber. Is your dad a barber?

Jackie Bradley Jr.: My dad actually used to cut my hair when I was younger, and I did not like it because he didn’t cut my hair as good as your dad. I got my dad to stop cutting my hair because I wanted to stop looking like him, and now my dad’s bald.

2. What did you get your dad for Father’s Day?

AJ Pierzynski: For Father’s Day  — he’s really into golf — so I got him a bunch of golf stuff. Some shirts and some shorts and some balls because he tends to lose a lot of balls in the woods. So I had to get him some new balls for Father’s Day.

3. Do you treat your dad better on Father’s Day?

Brandon Workman: Yeah, I always try to get him a card and then make a phone call to him. I don’t usually get to see him on Father’s Day because usually we have baseball games, but I definitely make a phone call and get him a card and let him know how much I appreciate him.

4. What song did your dad sing to you when you were little?

Craig Breslow: I don’t know that my dad ever sang when I was little. I think he maybe hummed or maybe mumbled some songs, but I’m not sure they were anything that anyone would have ever heard of or if they were real songs. But I do remember when I was upset, him trying to hum or help me calm down by making some noise. I just don’t think it was a song.

5. What do you like to do with your dad?

Craig Breslow: Well, first off, I don’t play Madden because I’m terrible at it. What do I like to do with my dad? Well, when I was your age, I would play a lot of catch in the backyard and I would imagine I was throwing 100 mph when I was throwing about 20. Mostly it was always around sports, so whatever sport I was playing at the given time — baseball or basketball or soccer — that was kind of our focus. So that’s what I did.