Small Talk: Red Sox Legends Jim Rice And Luis Tiant

In this week’s edition of Small Talk, kids got the opportunity to ask Red Sox legends Luis Tiant and Jim Rice some questions.

1. Have you ever eaten ice cream off the floor?

Jim Rice: I think there’s such thing as a five-second rule, but I’ve never had to eat any ice cream off the floor. But I do like ice cream.

Luis Tiant: I’ve never eaten ice cream from the floor, but I love ice cream too, and I think I eat too much ice cream.

2. Do you ever want to dance all the time?

Rice: My wife enjoys dancing. I told my wife, “I didn’t dance to get you, and I’m not dancing right now.” The whole thing about dancing is that, at our age, you’d see a lot of break dancing now, but we didn’t break dance. I was more romantic, but you guys don’t know anything about that. But stay with the break dancing, it looks like you’re pretty good.

Tiant: I love dancing. I can dance OK; I can move my feet better than my friend here. See, he has two left-handed feet. He can’t dance the way he says.

3. Do you ever fill up on dinner rolls?

Rice: I’m not a bread person. I’m more of a salad type of guy, but I have a granddaughter and she loves the bread, and I try to tell her, “You’ve got to eat your meal.” So eat your meal before you fill up on bread.

Tiant: I’ve been living with a lady for 52 years, and she loves bread. Like Jimmy said, I think that bread will make your belly fat. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat too much bread.

4. Do you think you’re brave?

Rice: Yes, I think I’m a very brave person. I have grandkids, and of course if you’re playing with Luis Tiant and you come in and dress beside Louis Tiant, as frightening as he is, yes, I’m a very brave person. Just look at this face to my right, and you will see why.

Tiant: This man has been telling me a lot of stuff here, and nothing is true.¬†Everything he says is bad. He’s supposed to be my friend! Another thing I want to say to all you kids is, “Listen to mom and dad.” They are the your best friends in this world.