Small Talk: Brandon Workman Talks Bobcats, ‘Star Wars’

In this week’s edition of “Small Talk,” Brandon Workman answers big questions from little kids.

1. Do you know where bobcats live?
There are actually bobcats at my parents’ house. In Texas we definitely have them for sure.

2. Do you know anyone named Enzo?
You’re the only Enzo I know.

3. Who’s your favorite character in “Star Wars?”
I never was a big ‘Star Wars” fan growing up, but I enjoy trying to make the Darth Vader voice.

4. Can you sing a song?
Unfortunately, I think I’ll break the camera if I start singing.

5. How do you get hurt playing the game?
There are plenty of ways to get hurt in the game. Outfielders crash in to the wall, batters can get hit with the baseball, so there’s definitely a lot of ways to get hurt.

6. What’s your favorite juice?
Classic orange juice.