Small Talk: Brock Holt Reveals If He’s Really Superman, Talks About His Dog

In this week’s edition of “Small Talk,” Boston Red Sox utility man Brock Holt answers the big questions from little kids.

1. Where do you think aliens come from?
I don’t really believe in aliens, but I’m going to be on your side on this one, and I’m going to believe they come from different planets, as well.

2. Do you listen to music on a record?
I do not listen to music on a record. I listen to it just on my cell phone. I use iTunes and get my music that way.

3. Did you use dictionaries when you were younger?
Yes, I did use dictionaries when I was younger. Now, it’s so easy just to get on Google and search the word you’re looking for, so I kind of do that more than I use a dictionary now.

4. Do you know Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off?”
Who doesn’t know that song? That’s a great song. Taylor Swift does a great job of singing those catchy tunes that everyone likes, so I think you do a better version than she does, though.

5. I like to go swimming. What do you like doing?
I like to go swimming, I like to be outdoors and enjoy the nice weather.

6. Are you really Superman?
You’re my man. That was a good question. You’re my favorite player, as well, and I’m not really Superman. I wish I was, though. I’ve always wanted to be able to fly.

7. Has anyone ever told you you look like Matt Damon?
I’ve gotten that quite a bit. The first person to ever tell me that was one of my best friends back in high school, and once he told me, more and more people started telling me, so every time someone tells me now, I always send him a text message and let him know. So I’ll tell him you said that.

8. Are you going to bat over .300 again this year?
I hope so. That’s the plan. I think that’s kind of everyone’s goal, but .300 is a tough mark to reach just because the pitching’s so good these days, but we’re going to give it our best go.

9. Do you have any pets, and how many do you have?
I do. I have a dog. He’s almost a year old. He’s a chocolate lab named Tank, and he’s pretty popular, so look him up. My wife made him an Instagram, so he has his own little Instagram account, and he posts pictures of what he likes to do.