Small Talk: Clay Buchholz Talks Fatherhood, Being A Cowboy

1. What’s the best part of being a dad?

Venzo, you could probably take over for Don Orsillo up in the booth. The best part for me about being a dad is just about what you said. It’s more about the relationship that you have with your kids, and obviously I’m the only dad that my daughters are going to have, and they’ll tell me that they love me every day. It’s really neat.

2. There’s cowboys in Texas. Are you a cowboy?

Aiden, that’s a good question. Yeah, if I didn’t say this exactly right, I’d have a couple guys that want to come after me, so from John Lackey and Josh Beckett and a couple other guys from Texas, I’d have to say that I’m a cowboy because that is our slogan that we use in the clubhouse.

3. Do cowboys ride on bulls, cows, yaks or horses?

Oh man, that’s pretty funny. I definitely know for sure they ride horses and bulls. A steer is something else that they ride and rope, and they have the bucking bulls and then the actual bulls that the bull riders do ride for the rodeo.