Small Talk: David Ross Gives His Guess On Where Bears Keep Their Cubs

Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross does a lot of preparation before games, but he fielded some tough questions from kids in a recent segment of “Small Talk.”

1. Who do you hang out with the most on the team?

David: I’ve always been kind of drawn to the pitchers as far as off-the-field stuff. We always go to dinners, hang out — they’ve got a different mentality than position players, for sure. I really enjoy getting to know those guys.

2. Where do you think bears hide their cubs?

David: I guess they keep them in the cave where they’re hibernating … maybe just underneath them. They love them like we love our kids and just hug them and keep them underneath them.

3. Are you proud to be an American?

David: Believe it! I am so proud to be an American.

4. Can you say ‘big barrel broken bat’ five times fast?

David: Bam, I nailed it!

5. What’s your best dance move?

David: The old school “staying alive,” you’ve got to get the head going. … I’ve got nothing else.