Small Talk: Dustin Pedroia Talks About His Favorite Ninja Turtle

Dustin Pedroia is a man of many interests. The Red Sox second baseman recently answered questions about some of his favorite TV shows and how he deals with endangered species. Check out the video above to see his answers.

1. Have you ever captured an endangered species?

I live in Arizona in the offseason and we see scorpions. I don’t usually step on them. I just kind of throw them outside.

2. Who’s your favorite ninja turtle?

My favorite ninja turtle is Donatello. He kind of looks like Demarlo Hale, our former bench coach.

3. Do you like watching “Seinfeld?”

I never really got into it very much. I like “Lost” and “Prison Break.”  I’ve heard that show is hilarious, though.

4. When did you start playing baseball?

I started when I was five in tee ball. I was a little bit shorter than what I am now. I loved playing it.

5. Do you ever use Wikipedia?

I went to Arizona State so I kept the tutoring department busy. They were kind of my Wikipedia and helped me out. I’m kind of Internet illiterate.