Small Talk: Jackie Bradley Jr. Explains How He Has Such A Good Arm

In this week’s edition of “Small Talk,” Boston Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. answers the big questions from little kids.

1. How do you throw the ball all the way from center field to home plate?
I was just as amazed as you were. I’ve been blessed with a strong arm, and I try to continuously work to improve my strength and accuracy with it, as well.

2. Do you use Snapchat?
I haven’t really gotten into Snapchat yet. A lot of my friends actually wanted me to join them, but I haven’t done it yet.

3. How do you have such a good arm? Could you throw a ball over the Prudential Center?
That’s a great question. I’ve had a strong arm ever since I was very young. It probably has something to do with my 6-foot-3 wingspan. I’m only (5-foot-10), but I have very long arms. But at a young age, I would always do long toss, and my arm just gradually got stronger and stronger. And the Prudential Building? That might be a tough one, but it possibly can be done.

5. Are there any sports other than baseball that you like to play?
I like to bowl. I also like to shoot some basketball. I bet you didn’t know this: My favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant.

6. I think David Ortiz is the funniest player on the team. Who do you think is the funniest?
I agree with you. David Ortiz is pretty funny. But I’m sure you probably haven’t heard the comedian Mr. (Dustin) Pedroia.

7. Do you like to watch Notre Dame football?
I actually do enjoy watching the Fighting Irish. They’re a great school, and I believe they’ve been in great contention the past couple years. They’re a great team to watch.

8. Are you the fastest player on the team?
I don’t think I am the fastest player on the team. I think there might be a few other guys that could possibly be faster. And believe it or not, I think they’re pitchers.

Thumbnail photo via Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Images