Small Talk: Jackie Bradley Jr. Reveals His Favorite Sandwich

Q: Can you go to jail for stealing a base?
A: I don’t believe you can go to jail. It’s a good thing in baseball.

Q: What’s your favorite sandwich?
A: PB&J. I like other sandwiches, but my go to is PB&J.

Q: What’s your favorite part of first day of school?
A: Getting to where all of my new clothes, shoes and getting to see who was in my classes.

Q: How can you use your feet in baseball?
A: Stealing bases and sliding. Even protecting yourself against the outfield wall.

Q: Do you ever forget things?
A: I always forget my keys. I’m ready to head out of the house but I can’t get in the car so I have to go back in the house and get my¬†keys.

Q: Does anyone on the Red Sox have a better throwing arm than Tom Brady?
A: Yes, in baseball terms. I don’t know about football. One to throw off the top of my head, I know Jon Lester can really throw it.