Small Talk: John Farrell Recalls Catching Lobsters, Baseballs With Dad

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell fielded questions from some excited kids, who wanted to know what it’s like to run a baseball team, among other things.

1. Did you ever catch lobsters with your dad?

John: I grew up with my dad who was a commercial lobster fisherman in New Jersey, so I spent the time when I was five or six years old until i was in high school working for him in the summer and during Christmas vacations. I spent many days on the ocean, and it was a great experience.

2. Is manager-ing like SpongeBob?

John: You know, I can’t say that managing the Red Sox is like managing a SpongeBob cartoon. I’m not looking to take anybody out or look for some magic formula to take one of our guys out, but I’ll tell you this — we’re doing whatever we can to get our 25 guys headed in the same direction, headed in the right direction to beat our opponent. So, if that’s similar to SpongeBob, I’ll let you decide that one.

3. What’s your favorite part about your state?

John: I’m from New Jersey and I grew up on the beach, a small town right on the coast. So, having been around the beach when I was a young kid around the ocean, the water in general, there was so much activity and so much ability to maybe do some things that weren’t just everyday-type stuff. To get out on the water, to me, is always a great thing.

4. What’s your favorite music

John: My favorite singer is Bruce Springsteen. I grew up in New Jersey where he’s from. I’ve been to a number of his concerts, and there’s just a lot of meaning and depth inside the words of his songs.

5. Did you play baseball with your dad?

John: I did have a chance to play a catch and a little baseball with my father. I can look back with a lot of great memories in time shared with him with a baseball and a baseball glove in my hands.