Small Talk: Mike Napoli Explains Why He’s A Miami Heat Fan

Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli might love baseball the most, but he also has a soft spot for basketball. Napoli recently got the opportunity to answer some questions from young fans where he talked about who his favorite NBA team is. Check out his answers in the video.

1. Do you ever go fishing?

Actually, I like to fish a lot, so I like to be on the ocean. In my free time, I go fishing a lot and when I go down to the (Florida) Keys, I like to go lobstering too.

2. Why don’t you like the Celtics?

The fans aren’t going to like me for this one, but actually, I’m a (Miami) Heat fan. I know this is probably not going to go over so well with you, but I grew up in Miami, Fla., so it’s my hometown team. It’s who I root for.

3. Who is better: LeBron James or Michael Jordan?

I think if you put LeBron Jordan together that would be the best player ever. But I think now, Michael Jordan was a better player, but I think over time LeBron James is going to be the best player ever.

4. Who is the best dancer on the Red Sox?

I’m going to have to go with David Ross. I saw him the other day breaking it down to some music in the clubhouse.