Small Talk: Mike Napoli Hammers Homers, Collects Rubber Ducks

Remember the bearded brothers of the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox? Mike Napoli, our favorite bearded first baseman, stopped by to chat with kids about bath toys, basketball and dancing.

1. What does character mean to you?

Mike: You’ve got to get guys that want to do it. You can’t have selfish guys. You’ve got to have guys that get on the field and work together. You all got to come together and go for that ultimate goal. Guys that get along with people are fun. Just be yourself — we don’t come in here and try to be different people to make it a good clubhouse. We all have that one goal of getting on the field and trying to win.

2. Why do you collect rubber ducks?

Mike: Actually, my brother and his best friend would send me ducks every time I hit a homer in Texas, so every time I hit a home run, they would send me a duck and I would put it up in my locker.

3. Why don’t you like the Boston Celtics?

Mike: The fans aren’t gonna like me for this one. Actually I’m a [Miami] Heat fan. I know this probably isn’t going to go over so well with you , but I grew up in Miami, Fla., so it’s my hometown team and it’s who I root for.

4. Who is a better basketball player: LeBron James or Michael Jordan?

Mike: I think if you could put LeBron Jordan together that would be the best player ever. I think now, Michael Jordan was a better player, but I think over time, LeBron James is going to be the best player ever.

5. Who would win a dance competition on the Boston Red Sox?

Mike: I’m going to have to go with David Ross. I saw him the other day kind of breaking it down to some music in the clubhouse and I really haven’t had a chance to see everyone dance but I’m going to go with David Ross.