Small Talk: Mookie Betts Reveals His First Name, Shows Off His Chain

In this week’s edition of “Small Talk,” Boston Red Sox center fielder Mookie Betts answers the big questions from little kids.

1. Do you guys wear any chains?
Absolutely. I wear a chain every game. I never take it off.

2. Have you ever been part of a triple play?
Yes, one time. It was bases loaded, and a ground ball went to the third baseman, he touched third and he threw it to me. I touched second, and then I threw it to first. That was last year.

3. What type of iPad games do you play?
On my iPad, I don’t really play many games. I watch a lot of movies. Let me know if you have any games for me. Send me an email or something.

4. Who has the most swag on the team?
That’s a great question. I’m going to say probably Rusney Castillo. He wears a lot of stuff to the field, and he’s got a lot of swag.

5. Who’s your favorite teammate?
That’s a great question. I think that we have a big collective unit of teammates, and there’s not one favorite. We bring something different to the table, so I don’t have a specific favorite teammate.

6. Do you like Taylor Swift?
Absolutely. Taylor Swift is the best. She’s a great artist, and I listen to her all the time.

7. How many songs do you have on your iPod?
I have probably about 400 or 500 songs from a long time ago. Probably from before you were born.

8. Do you think it’s important to be a good sport?
Absolutely. You got to always take the good with the good and the bad with the bad and continue to have a positive mindset no matter what happens.

9. What color socks do you like to wear?
Considering we’re the Red Sox, I’m going to say red socks. We have to wear red socks on the field, and I have a couple pairs at home. It’s either red or black.

10. Is Mookie your real first name?
No, Mookie is not my first name. Markus is my first name. Mookie is just a nickname I got when I was a baby, and it just kind of stuck with me.

11. How did you get so fast?
I have no idea. I think God just gave me the ability to run fast, and I’ve been using it ever since.

12. What’s your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is “Shrek.” The first one. I actually watch that on most of the road trips. You should probably watch it. It’s a good movie.

Thumbnail photo via Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Images