Small Talk: Shane Victorino Chats About Fashion, Volcanoes

In this week’s edition of “Small Talk,” Boston Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino answers the big questions from little kids.

1. Do you ever listen to music like this?

Not like that but I love music.  I come out to a Bob Marley song as you know —  or maybe not know.  I love when the fans sing along.  Music is a very big part of my life

2. Did your radio ever look like this one when you were little?

Yes it did, Madeline. Obviously you kids probably won’t have that kind of radio these days, especially nowadays with all the phones you guys have and all the other little gadgets. But yes my radio did look like that.

3. Did you ever have a celebration party at your house?

Yes I have had a celebration party at my house. Maybe one of these days you’ll get invited.

4. Who has the best style on the team? David Ortiz?

There are a lot of people that like to dress well on this team.  Obviously, David is known for his style.  He definitely dresses up and isn’t afraid to show off his style.  I’d have to say he is probably the best dresser.  Hanley (Ramirez) and Pablo (Sandoval) are going to give him a challenge this year, but as of now David has the most swag.

5. Who on the Red Sox is despicable?

These are some tough questions here! Maybe I’ll go with Pedey (Dustin Pedroia). He can sometimes be ‘that guy.’ He can be despicable sometimes but he definitely likes to have fun.

6. There’s a lot of volcanoes in Hawaii.  Were you ever scared one was going to go off?

Of course.  You always think of that growing up in a place where there is volcanoes, but never was I scared that one was going to erupt while I was growing up.

7. Do you have a radio system that goes throughout your house?

Yes, I do. I’m lucky enough and fortunate to have a system that plays throughout my house. When the kids get to dance, scream, shout and have a good time, sometimes I have to turn it down because they get a little exuberant and excited and it’s a little loud.  We all get to dance and sing and run around the house and have a good ol’ time.

Thumbnail photo via Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports Images