Small Talk: The Best Of Red Sox Small Talk From Season 2

This week’s “NESN Clubhouse” brought you the best of “Red Sox Small Talk” and all the best answers on big questions from little kids.

1. Did you watch movies on VHS when you were young?
Pitcher Joe Kelly: 
I did. I watched a lot of movies. That was the only kind of movies we could — we got to pop it in the VCR and watch all my favorite Disney movies. “Peter Pan” was my favorite. Close runner-up, with “Aladdin” coming in second.

2. What special power would you have?
Pitcher Steven Wright: Invisible is kind of cool. I’d like to fly. I think that’d be cool. Or teleporter. That’d be the thing. … That’d be great.

3. Did you listen to records when you were little? What else do you remember from the 1980s?
Pitcher Craig Breslow:
The ’80s were a long time ago. My favorite team growing up was the New York Mets, and I remember in 1986 they won the World Series against the Boston Red Sox in a pretty famous series. Much beyond that, I don’t totally remember, but when I look back and see pictures, I see a lot of neon colors and big hair.

4. Do you know Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off?”
Utility man Brock Holt: Who doesn’t know that song? That’s a great song. Taylor Swift does a great job of singing those catchy tunes that everyone likes, so I think you do a better version than she does, though.

5. My favorite karate move is “tiger claws.” Do you know any karate?
Pitcher Wade Miley: No karate here. I never got into karate. You could definitely beat me up, for sure.

6. If you weren’t playing baseball, what would you be doing?
Designated hitter David Ortiz: I don’t know exactly, exactly what I’d be doing, but I’d definitely be dealing with auto parts. I like auto parts. That kind of runs in my family, and I think I’d be doing something related to that.

7. Do you love reading?
Pitcher Tommy Layne:
I do love reading. I’m more of a magazine reader. I don’t read a whole lot of books, but I’m always up for a good article that lasts a couple of pages in a magazine, maybe learn something you didn’t know. I do a lot of hunting and fishing, so I read a lot of hunting magazines and catch up on the new tactics.

8. Are you faster than a cheetah?
Outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr.: 
I’m actually a big animal fan, and I know for sure that I am not faster than a cheetah.

9. What were you for Halloween?
Pitcher Matt Barnes:
 My favorite Halloween costume that I think I’ve ever had was Buddy The Elf about three or four years ago — the yellow tights, the curly hair, the green jacket. That was probably one of my favorite ones that I’ve ever done.

10. Do your kids run the show at home?
Pitcher Clay Buchholz: Actually, now that I think about it, the kids do. I’ve got a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, so they’re bouncing off the walls for the most part of the day. Whenever they do get what they want, most of the time they’ll settle down a little bit, so that helps me get a little bit of peace and quiet at home, but they definitely run the show.