Small Talk: Wade Miley Doesn’t Want To Visit The Moon

In this week’s edition of “Small Talk,” Boston Red Sox pitcher Wade Miley answers the big questions from little kids.

1. Is this what you used to watch movies when you were younger?

I’m not quite that old. I actually watched VHS back then. I have definitely seen records before, though.

2. I don’t like brushing my teeth. Do you like brushing your teeth?

Yes. I think it’s something that’s very necessary. You definitely want to brush your teeth a couples times each day. You don’t want your teeth to rot out of your head.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a baseball player?

When I was 4 or 5 years old. I had this passion for the game and I kind of just stuck with it. I’m 28 years old now and I still have the same passion.

4. My favorite karate move is “tiger claws.” Do you know any karate?

No Karate here. I never got into karate. You could definitely beat me up, for sure.

5. What happens when players are injured and can’t play?

They’ll have someone take the spot for a while, and they’ll spend some time on the DL (disabled list). That’s where you go and try to recover.

6. Have you ever played any other sports?

I played basketball, football and baseball while I was growing up. I really enjoyed all of them, I just wasn’t very good at them. So I had to stick with baseball.

7. I would rather go on vacation than to the moon. What about you?

I’d rather go on vacation. I’m not a big fan of flying, so I’m going to stay away from the moon and try and keep my feet grounded.

8. We like to play outside. What do you like to do with your best friend?

I definitely like going outside. I don’t like being cooped up inside. I like all sorts of things like fishing, other outside activities and sports. Just anything to keep me outside.

9. “NESN Clubhouse” is one of my favorite shows. What was your favorite show when you were little?

That’s a tough one. I didn’t watch a whole lot of TV, but maybe “Saved By The Bell.” I’ll have to do some research on that.

10. Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?

Nope, no nicknames as a kid. A lot of people call me Miley Cyrus because of my last name, but I don’t really claim that. Don’t call me that.

Thumbnail photo via  Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images